Friday, 16 November 2012

10 of the highest paid Academy School bosses in England.

  1. The Priory Fed. of Academies £200,000-210,000 + £10,000 in annual pension scheme (here).
  2. E- ACT Academies paid their boss £280,000 + £13,000 in annual pension contributions (here).
  3. Harris Fed. of Academies pay their boss £245,000 + £10,000 in annual pension contributions (here)
  4. Ark Academies pay 3 (three) of their staff £155,000 + £9,000 in annual pension contributions (here)
  5. Utd Learning Trust pay 1 of their staff £185,000 + £10,000 in annual pension scheme (here)
  6. Bex ley Academy pay their boss £130-140,000 + £10,000 in annual pension scheme (here).
  7. Outwood Academy pay their boss £182,000 + £26,000 in an annual pension scheme (here).
  8. Harris Fed. also pay a second member of staff more than £180,000 + £10,000 in annual pension scheme (here).
Above is a list of 10 packages paid to positions at Academy Schools, or Academy Chains throughout England. In many cases, the salary listed is the last published one. These are possible to obtain in the audited accounts of these schools who free from local authority control have to submit their own finances to scrutiny every year. If you add up the 10 salaries above (and contributions), they come to roughly £2 million. That means that the average remuneration paid to the 10 positions above is £200,000. That is, of course, subject to recent revisions that may not appear in the public domain until the audited accounts are published.  These packages, on average, are triple what MPs earn, and double what Cabinet Minsters earn.  

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Beth Williams said...

It's worth comparing that with LA Director's of Education.
In 2012 Kent's Director earnt £161,600 and appears to be responsible for over 600 schools
Primaries: 477
Secondaries: 135
Nurseries: 3
Special: 44

The Harris Federation list 19 schools.

I'd seen the figures before & noticed they roughly compared to LA Directors salaries (for larger LA's)but the area of responsibility is minuscule in comparison

(Kent happened to be the first one Google threw up so random choice),_learning_and_skills.aspx