Saturday, 24 November 2012

Jeremy Hunt says he is "second to none" in his "commitment to the values at the heart of the NHS."

Local papers in Jeremy Hunt's constituency have been feverishly speculating on his chances of being ousted at the next General Election.  You can read one such report from this link (here). Jeremy Hunt has responded to news that the NHA party is to take him on by fielding an NHS candidate in his constituency at the next election. Jeremy Hunt said he was happy to take on the NHS Candidate. Jeremy Hunt also said, according to Haslemere Herald that he stood "second to none in my [J.H.] commitment to the values at the heart of the NHS."

In my view, Jeremy Hunt now faces the very genuine prospect of being ousted as an MP in 2015. The National Health Action Party, or NHA Party for short have pledged to contest the Constituency of South West Surrey in a bid to oust Jeremy Hunt at the next General Election.  Hunt's seat is not altogether impregnable. In fact, an analysis of all the seats the NHA Party are contesting suggest that Jeremy Hunt represents their best chance of a scalp in 2015.

                                                     (2010 result for South West Surrey)

The natural opponents of the Tories in South West Surrey have traditionally been the Liberal Democrats who came within 1,000 votes of winning the seat in 2005 from Jeremy Hunt's cousin Virginia Bottomley. But Nick Clegg's dishonesty and betrayal of voters make his party a dead duck in South West Surrey. Dr Clive Peedell, the leader of the NHA Party will be hoping that swing voters are willing to transfer their vote to his party in sufficient numbers to win this seat.  Labour have never won more than 10% of the vote in South West Surrey and whether or not they decide to still contest the seat in 2015 is now viewed as crucial to the outcome. 

(2005 result for South West Surrey)

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