Thursday, 29 November 2012

Justice for the family of Gordon Brown.

To have the illness of your 16 week old child on the front page of the number one most read gutter rag in the world is the nightmare of any parent. Today Justice Leveson states that Gordon Brown & Sarah Brown were presented with a "fait accompli" when The Sun informed them that they were going to run the story. On page 568-569 of Leveson's report he writes that The Brown's from this moment were engaged in an act of "damage limitation".

With reference to Rebekah Brooks claim that the Brown family had "consented" to the publication of the story, Justice Leveson is unequivocal when he says that this "frankly defies belief". Leveson continues, "One hardly needs Mr Brown to point out that no parent in the land would have wanted this information to be blazoned across a national newspaper". 

Leveson also commented that the fact Sarah Brown felt the need to remain on good terms with Rebekah Brooks throws much light on the relationship between press and politicians that the imperative of continuing to get on with News International was "abiding". 

News International and Rupert Murdoch's shameful treatment of Gordon Brown, his wife and his very young child is something every parent in the land can relate to. If something good comes out of Leveson it must be that the privacy of children is upheld by our press and gutter rags in future. 

Lord Levson said that his role was not to adjudicate on the difference in the version of events put forward by R Brooks & G Brown but that he still felt able to make these 3 strongly worded observations will satisfy the Brown family that the truth about their treatment is now on record.

(read part two of the Leveson Report here)

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