Monday, 12 November 2012

Tory Chairman, Grant Shapps, claimed £918 expenses for a "Webcam".

Dear Grant Shapps,

I note your expense claim (shown above & also here) submitted on the 28 July 2007 for a sum total of £968.95. It includes a claim for £918.95 for a "webcam". The receipt above is made out in your own handwriting. 8 months later you also bought another "camera" for £189 shown in the receipt below. In 1 month in 2006 you claimed more than £1,100 in taxpayers money for telephone related expenses (receipt below). Please may you supply me with details of this particular webcam? Given that this was paid for with taxpayers' money it seems a tad high in expense. I am surprised that you, with your proven track record in online businesses, thought that £918 for a webcam was value for money.

Yours sincerely, 


ps, The next time you wish to purchase a Webcam at Taxpayers' expense, may I suggest this webcam below (purchased from here)

Update: Grant responded with the following explanation/defence


Nick said...

a decent webcam cost around £53

£918 is a con and that is all there is on the matter

bazzargh said...

It's a shame he was having trouble with the expense of newsletters. There was an article called "How to Write a Newsletter" that might've helped, by a guy called Michael Green. Can't find it now, seems to have been deleted.

Oh also, Grant's camcorder should fetch a good price on ebay as it's hardly been used - of the grand total of 20 videos on his youtube channel, all but perhaps 4 are produced by other people, or shot on a mobile phone.

Nick said...

a good camcorder ? that's still way to much grant. if all of you mp's dont know how to shop in a proper responsible manner then you should ask in a top forum like the DSLR
your just being ripped off

Nick said...

i also may add grant if you cant shop responsibly without getting ripped off you shouldn't even be in politics and explains why the country is so badly run

David Chesters said...
Nuff said!!

David Chesters said...

Nuff said!!