Friday, 30 November 2012

Tory MP calls for £billions of extra cuts for Scotland.

In a speech to the Institute of Economic Affairs this week, Tory MP Priti Patel called for Scotland to face billions of pounds of extra cuts. The Tory MP framed her discussion as a re-calculation of the Barnet Formula, and argued that the Tories should use SNP/Labour calls for greater devolution for Scotland as a chance to change the economic settlement, or in other words cut Scottish funding. You can watch her speech from 26 minutes in the link above.

She also claimed that Scottish citizens had an annual deficit of between £6-80 billion depending on how the North Sea Oil was calculated, and that each Scottish citizen was unfairly £1,600 better off than their English counterpart. Scottish voters reading this will recognise an all too familiar pattern. The green eyes of English Tories jealous that Scottish voters have prioritised NHS & Education spending over tax cuts for millionaires. Scottish voters did not choose to spend billions on Trident, or illegal wars in Iraq. They also are not to blame for the £70-90 billion of tax evasion (and avoidance) that George Osborne refuses to clamp down on. Instead of punishing Scottish voters for the hundreds of billions of pounds wasted as a result of Tory decisions in London, Priti Patel should refocus her energies on fixing problems closer to home.

In her speech she also called for £1.2 billion of Trade Union funding to be cut and called for a freeze on International Aid. 


oldnat said...

Hi Éoin

Interesting post - but for those who argue against Scottish independence, why should Scotland get more "out of the pot". Surely our input to the Exchequer is irrelevant?

If we are Better Together, then the decisions of UK voters to give power to Tories and their allies to prioritise tax cuts to millionaires far outweighs the views of a minority?

Not that voting Labour made any difference to wasting money on WMD or waging illegal wars, of course. Labour were/are rather keen on those.

I'm not sure where Patel gets the idea that Labour is calling for greater devolution for Scotland. Their stance is precisely the same as Cameron's on that front.

cynicalHighlander said...

Losses on bailed out banks and lies about public debts.

Where in this graph is the run-away public spending and indebtedness? Where do we see the country being run into the ground by public borrowing? Where is the evidence to say our debt level is all due to an orgy of people taking on debts they couldn’t afford? The lines for BOTH government and household debts show a modest increase in debt. It is in Financial Companies that nearly ALL the increase occurs. FACT.

Maybe Leveson should of investigated our politicians before the press.

Paul said...

Strange - Scotland with 8.5% of the UK population contributes 9.6% of all taxes

Siônnyn said...

Absurd as this Tory's views are, these are the people Labour are standing shoulder to shoulder with in No Better together, and if there is a NO vote, they will be empowered to ravage Scotland even further than they do now . Is that the result you want?

tris said...

I wasn't aware that the SNP was calling for greater devolution. I thought they were calling for independence.

She is making the case for independence for us though.

I suspect that Cameron will definitely not be risking cutting Scottish funding until the referendum.

If Scots deluded enough to believe Cameron's promise of more power for Edinburgh, and vote NO, then god help us. The Tories will take everything away.

chicmac said...

If you look at the following chart compiled ny Morgan Stanley analysts, admittedly a year ago, you can see that UK Government spending as a percentage of GDP is LESS than the European average. The vast majority of UK TED is due to the Financial sector which dwarfs everybody else's. Even if Government spending were reduced to zero, the UK would still have one of the largest total external debts in the World.

Also, beyond the wishful thinking of some, there is no ambiguity about what Scotland's share of North Sea Oil revenue would be and with it, Scotland would be around break-even or slightly in surplus, even with higher spending per head, a vastly better scenario than the rUK.

Her fantasy deficit figures are beyond a joke. The 80 billion one is quite ludicrous. In order for that deficit to come about Scotland would have to stop contributing anything at all to the Treasury and every family would need to get an additional 20,000 a year.

Finally, she should be aware, that the use of 'Scotch' is offensive to many.