Tuesday, 11 December 2012

By Popular Demand: 20 reasons why Michael Gove should be sacked

Forced Academies: NASUWT are going on strike before Christmas to halt yet another forced Academy. The parents, pupils and teachers don't want it but Gove ignores local democracy and forces academisation upon them. (evidence)

Free Schools Overspend: According to the National Audit Office, Gove has overspent by £1 billion on his Free School & mass Academisation experiment, and the money is being taken off state educated pupils to pay for his mistake.  Your child should not suffer because he has overspent. (evidence)

GCSE: cock-up:  Today 10,000 children's GCSE English Results will be debated in a High Court as Michael Gove oversaw a belated altering of the grade boundaries that unduly punished some students by as much as 2 grades.  This has set back student progression and caused untold misery. A decent Education Secretary would have resigned. (evidence)

E-Baccalaureate: Gove now famously refused to discuss Ofqual's letter of concerns about the E-Bacc in front of the Select Committee. The one-off 3 hour replacement of GCSE English has been labeled dangerous, unequal, unaccountable and unprecedented. (evidence)

Sure Start Closures: More than 400 Children Centres have now been shut under the Tories, this from a party who promised not only to protect them but to extend them.  (evidence)

Performance Pay for Teachers: The plans announced last week to halt teachers automatic progression through the Main Pay Scale could end up costing teachers up to £10,000. There are real fears among Unions that plans amount to pay freezes through the back door. (evidence)

Childhood Obesity: Despite being the Government Minister best placed to tackle this problem, Michael Gove is actually making matters worse. The proliferation of the same fast food premises in and around schools mark this a sorry year for those trying to improve school food standards. (evidence)

Fat Cat Salaries:  2012 will forever be remembered as the year where Academy Bosses salaries accelerated to more than double the pay of the Prime Minister. There are now hundreds of Academy bosses raking in more than Government Ministers earn, and adding to their booty with private consultancy firms to boot. (evidence)

Military Schools: Parents have serious concerns about drafting in 100s of ex-soldiers to teach our children. The army has had a history of bullying, and soldiers have faced severe psychological pressure as a result of a decade of illegal wars. Using these personnel to nurture our children is a step in the wrong direction. (evidence)

Foreign Student Visas: The poor treatment of exceptionally talented foreign students has been one of the saddest features of 2012. The revoking of their visas has meant that some of our brightest students have be de facto deported. This sucks money out of local economies & universities and detaches us from a global learning community. (evidence)

EMA: Michael Gove scrapped EMA that the Institute of Fiscal Studies called Value for Money. His decision was not based upon the deficit since he first sought to scrap it in 2004. (here)

Crumbling Schools: Michael Gove cancelled a plan to rebuild 715 crumbling schools thereby ensuring that all Labour's great advancements in updating our school infrastructure were put on hold (here).

Healthy Eating: Michael Gove halved the funding on school meals after which Jamie Oliver attacked him for decreasing the quality & health of children's nutrition (here).

Children's budget: Michael Gove cut £860m from the Children & Families budget and used it to bribe schools to switch to academy or Free school status (here). This has caused Sure Start closures.

Spending: As a portion of GDP UK state spending in Education is set to fall far behind the USA making us more neo-liberal than the state we love to mock for its laissez-faire approach (here).

Cherry-picked academies: Michael Gove has cherry picked the best schools for academy status, the schools with poorer OFSTED records have been held up in their applications (here) & (here).

Class sizes: Michael Gove has left Britain with the most over-crowded classrooms in Europe (here).

Free School Meals: Michael Gove cancelled Labour's plan to roll out free school meals for middle-class families at a time when evidence shows more families are in desperate need of the meals (here).

School Closures: Michael Gove has actually closed more than 200 schools at a time when class sizes are rising (here).

Misuse of Statistics: The UK Statistics Authority have rebuked Michael Gove for his consistent misuse of government statistics. 


Grumpy Bob said...

How about Gove's usage of Gmail in an attempt to evade FOI disclosure?

Rojer said...

Missed the main one: he's a bloody Tory!

Unknown said...

Also missed his imoposition of synthetic phonics, despite mounting evidence that it is ineffective, and despite the fact that the policy is being promoted by a woman who has a direct financial interest in producing the necessary teaching materials.

Also, his ridiculous plan to buy the queen a new royal yacht with £600 million of taxpayers money to celebrate the jubilee.

Not forgetting the fiasco of sending a King James bible to every school; they arrived extremely late and no-one I know has any idea what to do with it.

Not forgetting his complete rewriting of the curriculum. English was one of the first subjects to be hit. The new scheme was due in September 2012 but is going to be at least a year late 'so that schools have more time to prepare'. And how do we prepare for something which hasn't been written yet?

The excellent DFE 'Standards' website, full of teaching resources, planning tools, exemplar work, case studies etc, was taken down within weeks of Gove taking office, and has not been replaced.

He has just written to schools telling headteachers to take action against teachers who are working to rule. I.E Head teachers are being instructed to punish staff who are working according to their contracts.

He's a one-man walking disaster.