Wednesday, 12 December 2012

An apology to Virgin Care for inaccurate articles I have written and published

An apology to Virgin Care given by Dr Eoin Clarke 

I, Dr Eoin Clarke, apologise wholly and unreservedly to Virgin Care, its employees, subsidiaries and service users, as well as my readers, for writing over 46 blog entries that contained false, inaccurate and defamatory statements. In light of this, I have decided to remove all of the articles from the internet and shall not publish them again. I sincerely regret this error of judgment and request that my readers take the time to reflect and reconsider any opinions they have formed as a result of reading my blog. 

Following a review of The Green Benches, I have decided that from now onwards each entry about Virgin Care or its services shall be thoroughly researched before it is posted on my blog to ensure the accuracy of any claims I make. 

For the record, in the course of writing I have regretfully made a number of statements about Virgin Care and its services that are incorrect and misleading. In response to some of my more serious mistakes, I have decided to list the following facts in an attempt to ensure my readers are better informed. 

1. Virgin Care does NOT put profit before patient care. Virgin Care has been instrumental in helping to strengthen the NHS by providing high quality services that are valued by patients and improve health outcomes, whilst saving the taxpayer money. 

2. The CQC has NOT reported that Virgin Care leaves patients lying in urine. 

3. The CQC has NOT reported that Virgin Care put lives at risk in Croydon. 

4. Virgin Care is NOT a tax avoider. 

5. Virgin Care does NOT have hundreds of “sleeper cells” in Clinical Commissioning Groups. As such, any claim I have made that Virgin Care represents the biggest conflict of interest in the history of the NHS is INCORRECT . 

6. Virgin Care has NOT made donations to a political party. 

7. Virgin Care has NOT introduced charges for NHS services or limited the number of free physiotherapy sessions it offers. 

8. Virgin Care does NOT sack staff with impunity and is bound by the same employment rules and regulations that apply to any company. 

9. Virgin Care has NOT taken the NHS to court. A complaint was made by Virgin Care to the Cooperation & Competition Panel which is NOT the same as court proceedings. It is used by many organisations to review decisions made by the NHS. 

10. Six months into Virgin Care’s community services contract in Surrey, there are NOT severe patient-safety and financial concerns.