Saturday, 1 December 2012

Award Winning Poet & Peace Campaigner arrested for heckling Cameron's Christmas light switch on.

Make no mistake about it, your Prime Minister David Cameron is adept at stage managing our media. At the start of the year I reported how during one hospital visit he kept journalists in a waiting room while he went walkabout on a Hospital Ward. Throughout 2012, he has refused to allow the media to accompany him during impromptu visits, for fear that he might bump into normal humans. No "bigot-gate" moment will happen on Cameron's watch, you can be assured.

On Friday, Cameron was switching on the Christmas Tree lights in his constituency of Witney in West Oxfordshire. He cheerily tweeted from the event to tell us all how swimmingly the afternoon went, and even provided us with a pose from the platform. But what Cameron did not reveal was that he was booed when he arrived on stage in his own constituency. It has emerged that environmental campaigners harangued him over his position on peace in the Middle East and other political issues. One woman who allegedly tried to present a petition to the Prime Minister was arrested.  The 28 year old lady is a high achieving scholar and a winner of the Melita Hume Poetry Prize. The poet and peace campaigner also lives in a Co-Operative Village in Cameron's own county, and she was preparing to travel to Afghanistan to meet peace activists in Kabul. She has campaigned against sweatshops and unpaid internships in the past as well as fighting for a better deal for organic farmers.

Her fact finding trip might not happen now, as she has been arrested for "obstructing" a police officer and using "threatening language" to cause harm or distress. These are fairly non specific charges usually usually reserved for use on nuisance members of the public to keep them on line. If you pose an irritation at a demonstration these are the kind of charges you risk facing. Quite what danger a peace campaigner is likely to have posed to David Cameron is unclear, but it is claimed that the lady in question breached the safety cordon that separated Cameron & Santa from the public. 

The arrested campaigner was acutely aware of the growing clampdown on political dissent and in the past has spoken out against heavy handed police tactics in arresting peaceful campaigners. Below is a tweet she sent last September in solidarity with another protester who faced convictions for participating in political demonstrations.

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Max Headroome said...

These arrests are insidious and a slur on 'free speech' something Camoron, in refusing to legislate post-Leveson, purports to actuall defend.

However, what is a sad fact is that many of these laws around protesting, Blair brought in