Sunday, 9 December 2012

Gotcha!!! The Tories sneakily alter their website's NHS Spending Claims

The Tories have sneakily changed the wording in their website on their NHS Promises and hoped no one would notice, but I have a photo of the site from Thursday before it was changed. You probably know by know that the UK Statistics Boss rebuked them over the miss use of data when they claimed, wrongly, that they had increased NHS spending in real terms. Above you can see what had been on their website for months. The Tory Website used to claim that they had "Increased the NHS Budget in Real Terms for each of the last 2 years". But as you can now see, their website has been changed. The screen dump below shows that the Tories now are only claiming to have increased NHS Spending since April 2011. This is a confession that in their Emergency Budget of 22 June 2010 they refused to increase NHS spending in real terms, and in doing so broke the promise contained in page 45 of the Election Manifesto. Tories don't apologise, so do not expect a public admission even though Andy Burnham deserves on for the many times they ridiculed him for pointing this out. But at least we have the evidence of their sly deed. By the way, the King's Fund judge that the Tories are cutting NHS spending next year as well, so I suspect we have not heard the last of this.

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