Friday, 4 January 2013

Graph shows Voters think Benefit Fraud is 3000% bigger than it actually is.

Toryism and its friends wish to humiliate, demonise and break the spirit of the "undeserving poor". 

They know that people are inherently good, so they rely on poisonous lies to make their evil deeds palatable to the apathetic or floating voter. Take benefit fraud in the Tax Credits system. YouGov polling company asked voters what portion of benefit payments in the welfare system in general were lost to fraud. Voters thought the answer was 27% of benefit payments were claimed fraudulently. The truth is that benefit fraud accounts for less than 0.9% of Benefit Payments under the Tax Credit system. Voters overestimated the level of benefit fraud as a proportion of welfare payments, at least in the tax credit system, by more than 3000%.  Now unless someone wants to contend that all that nasty benefit fraud is occurring at a much much higher rate in other parts of the welfare system, then we must accept that the perceptions of benefit fraud are that it is much higher than is actually the case. See the proof of these findings at these two links:

a) (Page One here)
b) (Fourth Last Paragraph here)

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ians12 said...

And the poor bastards believe that the only ones to be targeted are the ones who are frauds! Oh how the Tory government have hoodwinked you! But you will soon learn the truth over the coming years up to 2015.