Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Shameful: If the Tory vote wins today, an unemployed man will receive just £3,804 a year in JSA by 2015.

The last 14 years of Inflation Rates (RPI) have saw increases of an average of 2.93%. Thus, if the government win their vote today to limit increases in benefits to a maximum 1% a year for three years, this will on average be a 1.93% cut a year in benefits. For someone seeking work & claiming Job Seeker's Allowance this would mean that their weekly JSA payment would climb by little over 70 pence a year.  The Tories are freezing benefits in this way for 3 years, which means by 2015, an unemployed person would receive £3,804 in JSA benefit a year.  Had JSA been allowed to rise with inflation, the amount of benefits in JSA an unemployed person could claim per year would be closer to £4,026 a year. Over the 3 years, this represents a cut of £439 to an unemployed person's JSA entitlement. 

The Tories in a position of strength, hold the role of judge, jury and executioner in how they treat the poor. Never forget how they wielded that power, for it defines the people they are. 

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