Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Announcing 40 More Bedroom Tax Protests. (30th March)

(Email me on BedroomTax@Hotmail.com if you have any queries and I will be happy to answer them, Dr √Čoin Clarke). 

Wolverhampton (The Civic Centre 30/03/13, at 1pm) K. Williams
Widnes (Widnes Market 30/03/13 1pm) Michelle Bridge
West Kent (Tunbridge Wells 30/03/13 at 11am
Warrington (Golden Gates 30/03/13 at 1pm) Sharon Liddle
Wallasey (Wallasey Town Hall 28/03/13 at Midday) Dawn Grant
Stockton (Stockton 30/03/13, at 2pm) Yolande Mace
Swindon Town (Swindon Town Centre, 30/03/13 at 1pm) Anne Snelgrove
Swansea (City Centre 30/03/13 at 1pm) Louise Sian Gibbard
Stroud (Stroud High Street, 30/03/13, at 10.30am) John Drake & David Drew
Scunthorpe (High Street 30/03/13 at12.30pm) Chris Adcock
Salisbury (Queen Elizabeth Gardensm, 30/03/13 at 1pm)
Redcar (Redcar Clock, 30/03/13 at Midday) Sarah Hay
Redhill, Surrey (more soon)
Reading (more details soon) Matt Rhodda
Portsmouth (Town Centre 30/03/13 at 1pm) Dave Murphy
Plymouth (The Sundial 30/03/13 at 1pm) Charlene Sibley
Norwich (City Hall 30/03/13 at 1pm) Norwich aginst the Bedroom Tax
Northampton (The Guildhall, 30/03/13, at 1pm) R. Anjona
North Staffs (Newcastle-under-Lyme 30/03/13 at 1pm) Matthew Wright
Newcastle (Grey's Monument 06/04/13 at 1pm) Chi Onwurah MP & Ian Mearns MP
Milton Keynes (Bletchley, Old Co-Op 30/03/13 at 11am) Neil Williams
Middlesbrough (Town Centre 30/03/13 at 11am) feat. Andy McDonald MP
Leigh (Bradshawgate 30/03/13 at 11.00am) Jo Platt feat. Andy Burnham MP
Leicester (Clock Tower, 30/03/13 at 1pm) Susan Barton
Leeds (Town Hall 30/03/13 at 1pm) Mags Newsome
Kidderminster (Town Hall 30/03/13 at 1pm) Ellen Walker
Ipswich (Town Hall, 30/03/13 at 1pm) David Hough
Uttoxeter (Town Hall, 30/03/13, at 11am) Andrew Bettridge & Jon Wheale
Exeter (Bedford Square, 30/03/13 at 1 pm) Exeter Against Cuts
Ellesmere Port (Town Centre 30/03/13 at 1pm) Ray McHale
Darlington (Town Hall 30/03/13 at 1pm) James Doran
Crawley (Queen's Square 23/03/13 at 1pm) Debbie Simmons
Coventry (Council House 11/04/13, at 1pm) Dan Crowther
Cornwall (Truro 30/03/13 at 1pm) Cornwall Against Cuts
Corby (Corby Cube  30/03/13 12.30pm) Karen McCluskey feat. Andy Sawford MP
Carlisle (Town Market 30/03/13 at 1pm) Jacqueline Champney feat. Lee Sherriff 
Cardiff (City Hall 30/03/13 at 1pm) "Cardiff Against the Bedroom Tax"
Cambridge (City Centre 06/04/13, at 1pm) Ms L. Agate
Burton (High street, 30/03/13, at 1pm) Jon Wheale
Bristol (College Green, 30/03/13 at 1pm
Brighton (Clock Tower 30/03/13 at 1pm
Bradford (Preacher's Corner, Tyrell Street junction 30/03/13) Scott Hardy
Birmingham (30/03/13, at 1pm) DPAC
Belfast  (QUB Student's Union 30/03/13 at 1pm) Constance Dunlop
Wrexham (Queen's Square 30/03/13 at 1pm) Shelley Streeter
Barnsley (30/04/12 at Midday) Lee Parkinson
Loughborough ('The Sock Man' / Town Hall 06/04/13 at 12pm)
Glasgow (Assemble at Glasgow Green 11:30) Alan Wyllie (Scottish Alliance).
Edinburgh (St Andrews Square 30/03/13 1pm) Debbie Richardson (Scottish Alliance).


Tony Ray said...

Nothing in Medway towns??

Tony Ray said...

Nothing in Medway Towns??

santatiger said...

Suppose we could start a run on the banks...... through social media and people lining up to withdraw money from banks.... now would be the time to do it given what is happening in Cyprus..... everybody would panic and the government would be forced to think again........