Wednesday, 10 April 2013

MPs who've tweeted to say they won't be attending Parliament Today

Others who will not be attending parliament might very well be a) Not on twitter b) Too busy to tweet c) Have announced it through another medium. For example, John Healey MP, John Mann MP, Dennis Skinner MP, Andrew Gwynne MP, Roberta Blackman-Woods MP, George Galloway MP, Tim Farron MP, Grahame Morris MP, Adrian Sanders MP, Caroline Lucas MP, and Ronnie Campbell MP will not be attending parliament today. I will update the list throughout the day.


Simon Draper said...

Its a shame Denis Skinner wont be there, would of been fun to see the Tories squirm when he stood up. Kudos to all that have refused to turn up and instead work hard for the people who actually matter.

Amy said...

Also Mike Crockart, MP for Edinburgh West. He tweeted this morning.

Gavin Saunders said...

Nice to see there are some non sycophantic MPs who aren't just furthering their careers.

fizz's bloggy bits said...

excellent stuff! glad to see caroline lucas is not attending also!

Mary Lockhart said...

Glenda Jackson...well done to Britain's most under rated, under promoted Labour MP. She spoke for me!

Nick said...

most were their sprouting some absurd stories while they were serving under her

I did meet Mrs thatcher and although she seamed very pleasant and innocent in the early seventies but by the eighties she had changed and for me not for the best. She took the country into one of selfishness and to this day this country is still divided by wealth and power which has caused caused much pain and hardship for millions.

Sure she helped millions but for me she failed as she was unable to strike an even balance on policy's which led to unrest like the poll tax etc

To me she had all the hallmarks of aggression who was never wrong and a very dangerous player especially if she was still in power today what with her dislike of the EU and north Korea and am sure many other countries she detested

Her policy on privatisation and the selling of council houses were like so many of her polices not thought through properly which gave a green light for the selfish in society to rear their ugly heads and dominate and that is where we are today a divided Nation as of course is Europe with the haves and the have nots with the weakest the sick and disabled along with the pensioner's to pick up the bill for 35 years of failure but in the eyes of the wealthy she was indeed a hero and like then and today they continue to thrive at the expense and deaths of others