Sunday, 22 December 2013

Launching: #ToryLies (A database of lies told by Tory MPs to UK Voters)

Above is a database of lies told by Tory MPs in the last 6 weeks. I first began monitoring Tory Lies in early November, and I will continue to do so until General Election 2015. All lies told by Tory MPs will be included in the database with a correction, and evidence to disprove the Tory MP's claim. Column C contains the truth about the claim the Tory MPs are making. Column D contains a hyperlink that provides evidence to disprove the Tory claim. If you require any further substantiation of the evidence contained in Column C, then please send me an email to TheGreenBenches@Hotmail.Com and I will answer your query. For the most part, I'll only publish the name of the Tory MP telling the fibs if they are a Government Minister. The objective is less to do any personal damage to politicians but more to give voters a chance to hear the truth. 

When voters make their choice in 2015, they deserve to have a truthful record of the Tory record in office. Many of the UK's major news outlets are complicit in facilitating the successful deployment of Tory lies through their own unwillingness to hold them to account. 


hctbn said...

Brilliant - I was about to start searching myself!

I understand the comment about not publishing ordinary MPs names but can you still collect them so that if particular 'misguided' individuals appear to be massively ill-informed they can be identified and helped and guided onto the path of truth and righteousness?

Massive thanks for this,
Bob (@hctbn)

Andy Shirling said...

Love this. Can we subscribe for updates or just share as widely as possible?