Monday, 23 December 2013

LIST: See all of the NHS Contracts worth £12 billion tendered to Private Health in the last 2 years.

Above is a list of 118 parts of your NHS Tendered in the last 2 years. The details include the area from where the contract originates, the part of the NHS offered to private tender and the vlaue of the contract. In the final column you can also follow up on the details of each individual contract by clicking the hyper-link in the cell. If you are unable to read it then it is most likely the case that google's formatting is not compatible with your Apple Device. In that case if you email me on I will send you an Excel version of the file.


Tim Smith said...

Thanks for collating and sharing. The scale of some of the contracts are enormous, but I'm sure they all went through a fair and rigorous tendering process, or not

agewait said...

cannot see Data - accessing from PC (not Apple-related)

Ian Andrews said...

@agewait see the little grey box just above the 12Bn NHS Tendered figure ? your mouse pointer just to the right of it and press the left mouse button (dont worry we all have "Blonde" days ;)