Monday, 27 January 2014

10 appalling comments by Tory Politicians about Food Banks & people in Food Poverty.

There are now 1,080 Food Banks in the UK (full list here). 1 million people will access Food Banks in 2014. Despite this catastrophic level of poverty, Tory politicians remain totally oblivious to the suffering of the poor. Below are 10 comments uttered by Tory politicians that reveal just how out of touch they really are.

  1. Michael Gove MP claimed Food Bank users were “Not able to manage their finances” (evidence)
  2. A former Tory Minister claimed “the moment they [Food Bank users] have got a bit of spare cash they are off getting another ­tattoo” (evidence)
  3. David Cameron PM said Food Banks are “Part of what I call the Big Society” (evidence)
  4. One Tory MP claimed that Food Bank usage can “become a habit” (evidence)
  5. Another Tory MP said people use Food Banks because of an “inability to manage money and to budget, addiction to alcohol or substance misuse..." (evidence)
  6. Tory Minister, Lord Freud, suggested “food from a food bank is by definition a free good and there’s almost infinite demand” (evidence)
  7. A senior Tory Councillor said Food Banks enabled poor budgeters to “have more money to spend on alcohol, cigarettes” (evidence)
  8. A Tory MP jibed “how many folks can still find funds to pay for alcohol and cigarettes but not food” (evidence)
  9. West Oxfordshire Conservative Future chairman  “I have seen some ‘food bank users’ in the pubs of Witney... #priorities.” (evidence)
  10. Iain Duncan Smith MP accused the Trussell Trust of “Scaremongering” (evidence)

100 million ways Tory Policies worsened the lives of Britons (in just 100 words)

  • +1,700,000 now at risk of Poverty
  • 6,442,000 paid below a Living Wage
  • +300,000 in Child Poverty
  • +800,000 in Fuel Poverty
  • +960,000 to use Food Banks in 2014
  • +700,000 homes hit with Bedroom Tax
  • +500,000 Disabled forced to work unpaid
  • +1,400,000 forced to work unpaid
  • +430,000 businesses/people declared bust
  • +2,500,00 patients waiting 4+ hours at A&Es 
  • +500,000 Workers paying rent reliant on HB 
  • +500,000 Public Sector Workers axed
  • +2,400,000 hit by Council Tax hike
  • +500,000 hit with £9k Tuition Fees
  • +1,000,000 hit with EMA Scrapping
  • +11,000,000 hit with Tax Credit Cuts/Freezes
  • +5,600,000 hit with Wage Freeze
  • +62,000,000 hit by VAT Hike