Monday, 10 November 2014

BBC Bias - A Monday Morning Example of BBC anti-Labour bias in action.

This morning, senior BBC political analyst, Andrew Neil, tweeted the following (see above). It clearly states that in a poll of polls of the 5 most recent polls from Ashscroft, Opinium, Populus, Survation and YouGov that the Tories are leading Labour by 1% (34% v 33%).

Put simply, this is inaccurate and distinctly so. Below I present to you the polling scores of both parties in the 5 most recent polls.

     Tories     Labour
YouGov 9/11/14 33% 33%
Ashcroft 3/11/14 30% 29%
Opinium 9/11/14 29% 32%
Survation 9/11/14 29% 34%
Populus 7/11/14 33% 35%

In short, Labour lead the Tories, on average, by 2% in the polls. They do not trail by 1% as Andrew Neil states. I am concerned that his distorted view of the current state of play for both parties could be mistakenly conveyed to the viewing public and thereby affect the perception of how each respective party is performing.